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10 Year Warranty

We provide high quality services divided in more categories: roofing, guttering and asbestos removal. Our work is always based on highly trained professionals that can guarantee the safety and reliability of each and every installation, replacement or repair job.

40 Years Experience

With a vast experience, the members of our team have gathered a lot of information over the years. No matter what type of roof there is or what type of job is needed to be done, our team has the skills to solve anything right on time.

Licensed And Insured

You can feel secure knowing that your roof installation is getting installed, by skilled proffesionals that carry all the relevant licensing and insurances.

Family Business

Being a family business, we work hard to make each and every customer happy and satisfied, even if the contract is for a residential property or an industrial one. Our team is made of united members that can be reliable and trustworthy.

The risk of asbestos makes it kind of difficult to find a fast and simple solution for a frequent problem. However, Ozroofworks offers professional help for asbestos removal Brisbane. Our company is specialised in roof replacement and asbestos removal in a safe way. If you want a great aesthetic appeal, you should take into consideration changing your asbestos roofing with the new colorbond and zincalume steel roof. This can solve a lot of the harsh weather condition problems that can appear in time. With its new looks, your home will become the one from your dreams and it will offer you the chance to pay less for maintenance because you won’t be needing it.

What Is Asbestos and Why Is It a Problem?

If you were wondering “what is asbestos?”, here is the answer: a brittle material that can often crack and offer mould and leaks a perfect place to start ravaging your roof. Our roofing company Brisbane provides various roof replacement strategies and perfect roof insulation and can help you get rid of the problematic asbestos roofing. If you change your roof, you will have a greater longevity, durability and a far lower maintenance for the new one. We offer a great way to remove the asbestos clean and safe. Our team of specialists are highly trained to solve any asbestos roofing removing problem that can appear. The removal and replacement of the asbestos roofing can offer you an improvement of safety and a decrease of the cost of the insurance for your home, while adding value to the property.

Why Should You Choose Us from All the Rest?

If you searched “roofing Brisbane”, you will most definitely find a lot of companies that offer these kinds of services. We define our work and goals based on a number of rules and features that separate us from the rest of the crowd:

  • We use only high-quality materials and products that ensure the safety and reliability of the new roofs we install
  • We are a family company that fights to make all the customers happy and satisfied in any circumstance – Asbesto removal, roof replacement or other jobs
  • We offer a 10-year guarantee
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We have gained a lot of experience in the past 40 years of hard work and technological innovations
  • We provide more than one type of roofing: residential, commercial and industrial
  • We provide more than one service type: waterproofing, gutters cleaning, skylights installing and chimneys cleaning


Why should I replace my asbestos roofing?

Asbestos is a brittle material that has less durability than metal or stone. Its cracks, that occur very often, are a perfect place for mould and they can also cause severe leaks. Asbestos roofing can also be a respiratory hazard, so it’s best to remove it if you care for your health.

What roofing should I take into consideration when I decide to replace my asbestos roof?

Our specialists consider best to replace your old asbestos roof with a new metal one. Its durability and the fact that it received a rust treatment makes it the best choice. The new steel products, colorbond and zincalume, are also tested in laboratories under harsh weather conditions to make sure that they can last long.

Will I need to repair the metal roof after each storm?

The way the colorbond and zincalume roofings are made prevents them from being easily damaged. They are known for their durability and long-lasting properties. However, it is best to verify if the weather conditions have done any damage to your roofing.

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  • We had issues in the past with tradesmen so where a bit sceptical getting our roof done. But we where pleasently surprised with the proffesionalism and work ethic these guys had 5 stars.

    Ryan Ashgrove
  • Matt and his men where polite and proffesional and got the job done, the roof was replaced in a day and all the rubbish removed. Definitely would recomend.

    Cathy Geebung
  • We had our Asbestos roof replaced by Matt and his team, he made us feel safe during the whole process. Great guys and a good job.

    Tania Springwood