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Metal Roofing Bardon

Not long ago, we were hired to complete a roof replacement project on an adorable little cottage in
Brisbane, in the northside suburb of Bardon. Eager to get the work done, we gathered all the tools and
materials needed for the project and headed to Bardon.
For the roof, we decided to use Zincalume Australian steel. And, as our clients requested roof insulation,
we installed 100mm thick roof batts as well. These ceiling batts work miracles when it comes to lowering
our electricity bills.

Zincalume Steel Installation

Zincalume steel is about four times stronger than galvanised steel, which makes it the perfect choice for
any home. In fact, this steel is one of the strongest materials for roofs on the market.
It is weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant. Moreover, it is lightweight, practical,
flexible, and easy to maintain. After taking all the factors into account, we decided, together with the
owners, that this type of steel roof is the best option for their cottage.
Apart from being extremely long-lasting and practical, this type of roofing has contributed to the overall
appearance of the property, making the cottage look its best.

100mm Thick Roof Batts

Since summers can get pretty hot in Australia, our clients decided to insulate their roof. Many roofing
companies in Brisbane do roof insulation on a regular basis, as it helps people get through the summer
months and it also lowers electricity bills. Benefits are multiple; hence, roof insulation is a sound
For the insulation, we decided on 100mm thick roof batts since they are ideal for metal roof applications.
Furthermore, they can reduce our energy bills for both cooling and heating by up to 45%.
These Australian roof batts are perfect for Australian conditions – they reduce heat transfer, improve
comfort in our home, save on energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, meet the highest
Australian insulation standards, come with a 70-year performance warranty, and they are
environmentally friendly.

Roofing Northside

Metal Roofing Brisbane is an ideal choice for every roofing and/or guttering project. We are hard-working professionals with over 40 years of experience. On top of that, we are a licensed and insured family-
owned business.

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