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Metal Roofing Bundamba

A client who owns a property in Bundamba, Ipswich, contacted us saying that his property was in need of renovation; replacing his old roof with a new metal one was on the list. Enthusiastic to help, we rushed to Bundamba for this roof replacement.

Colorbond Roofing

Together with the owner, we decided to install the .42 corrugated Colorbond steel in the colour Cove, as well as Bradford’s 50mm roof insulation.

Steel roofs are known for many beneficial features; their beauty is what usually attracts everyone’s attention first. But, these roofs are so much more; they are solid, made from high-quality materials, and thus very long-lasting. Even decades from now, you can expect your steel roof to be as beautiful as on the first day.

Moreover, roofs made of steel are weather, fire, and wind-resistant, which makes them perfect for all weather conditions. What’s more, they are lightweight and eco-friendly. Don’t forget that they come in a variety of colours, ready to enhance every structure’s appearance.

Roof Insulation

To make the Colorbond steel roof even more energy efficient, we also installed Bradford’s 50mm roof insulation, which has been specifically designed for noise and temperature control in buildings and homes with metal roofs.

This type of roof insulation keeps your home cooler in summer and prevents heat loss in winter. In addition, it reduces rain noise, provides condensation control, and reduces overall energy usage. Also, since it is made of up to 65% of recycled content, it is safe for the environment.

Colorbond Cove

The colour we used for the steel roof was the contemporary Colorbond Cove. This aesthetically pleasing mid-tone colour beautifully blends yellow and grey tones, creating a sort of golden glow from underneath. Sandy greyish tones are welcoming, and thus perfect for home building projects.


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