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Jan 3
Roofing Brisbane Southside

Guttering Browns Plains

Guttering Browns Plains, Our team at Ozroofworks was contracted for an interesting job recently. We were hired to install new 150mm high front gutters and paint the steel fascias. The goal was to restore the gutter system and add a fresh look to the property.

Colorbond Monument Guttering Browns Plains

Colorbond steel colours are divided into five categories: contemporary, classic, matt, fencing, and ultra. For this project, we decided on a colour from the contemporary category called Monument.

Monument is, without a doubt, a typical colour of the city; it complements the modern architecture of all city structures. Moreover, it is a neutral, confident, and strong colour which adds depth to the colour palette.

150 mm High Front Gutters

For the gutter replacement, we choose one of our favourites, the 150 mm High Front gutters. These contemporary gutters made the modern Colorbond Monument stand out even more. Besides being an eye-candy, the 150 mm High Front gutters are extremely useful. Due to their size, they collect a lot of water, especially during heavy storms.

Why Ozroofworks?

A team of experienced and driven professionals is what makes Ozroofworks exceptional. Metal roofing has been our main field of interest for over 40 years now. In fact, we are known for our roofing and guttering services all over the country.

When you are in need of roof replacement, gutter installation or repairs, Guttering Brisbane is at your disposal. We are a licensed and insured family business which always goes the extra mile for their clients.

So, if you want your home to be exceptionally beautiful, we can help you achieve that; we will even paint your fascias for you. Refresh the appearance of your home with our professional help. Give us a call, and we will give you a free quote.

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