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Metal Roofing Brisbane

Ozroofworks metal roofing Brisbane contractors serve customers all over Brisbane area and beyond. We provide residential metal roofs as well as commercial metal roofing solutions.

Metal Roofing Contracters Brisbane

Ozroofworks are metal roofing Brisbane specialists with over forty years of experience. To date, we have installed thousands of roofs. This is why we always have the perfect metal roof solution for your home. From a Colorbond Roof Installation to a Metal Roof Replacement in Brisbane, we have you covered. If you would like an estimate or an evaluation of your roofing project, we would love to meet with you and discuss custom solutions for you. Get your free roof consultation – call us today at 1300 459 915 or fill out our online estimate request form.

Residential Metal Roofing Brisbane

Make the right choice and get a beautiful new metal roof. We provide a vast roof colour range of Colorbond and the strength and durability of Zincalume steel. You will be happy for years knowing you made the right choice for your residential roofing. Don’t take your decision lightly and choose the best metal roofing for your next project. Choosing Ozroofworks will guarantee that. We built our reputation on excellent customer service and expertise we gained over the last forty years.

Benefits of a New Metal Roof

When looking for roofing contractors in Brisbane, you should be aware of the harsh and unrelenting weather that the Southeast can throw at you. From cyclones to massive hail storms, your roof will see a lot in its lifetime. Remember that choosing the right roofing is crucial in protecting your most important assets: your home and your family.

Some of the main benefits provided by metal roofs are their strength and durability. There is no need for constant maintenance that other roofing solutions require. What’s more, metal roofing does not contain harmful and toxic materials as asbestos roofing does. Our last and most important point is that metal roofing holds the strongest warranties, and will secure your home for years to come.


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