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Jan 9
Roofing Brisbane Northside
Zincalume Steel

Metal Roofing Windsor

We received a call about a month ago from a Client in Windsor, Queensland for a roof replacement. He told us that his roof was on its last legs and that he would like for us to come and install New metal roofing. Furthermore, he asked us to replace his house’s worn-out gutter.

We chose a Zincalume steel roof with a corrugated profile and a 150 Low Front Quad Gutter.

Zincalume steel for a metal roofing Windsor

Zincalume steel is a zinc/aluminium alloy coated sheet steel. It offers two to four times the corrosion resistance of galvanised steel. Its uniform spangled surface allows it to be readily bent, roll-formed or drawn. Its main advantages are its durability, edge protection and resistance to crevice corrosion.

Advantages of corrugated sheeting

Corrugated sheeting provides functionality while remaining visually appealing. We often see it used for roofs, wall panels and fences. Our corrugated roofing is available in a range of Colorbond Steel colours. Lastly, it is straightforward and easy to install, perfect for any DIY project.

Advantages of our 150 Quad Gutter

We decided to install a 150 Low Front Quad Gutter. While traditionally in a 150mm size, our 150 Quad Gutter is available in a variety of other sizes to suit your needs. Its traditional design allows it to fit comfortably on old and new houses alike. Therefore, if you’re in need of a gutter replacement, the 150 Quad Gutter is a stylish and functional choice.

Ozroofworks– For the ideal solution

In conclusion, we left the owner with a sturdy and visually appealing new roof and gutter and a most importantly of all, a smile on his face. That’s what you can expect from us, the finest roofing contractor in Brisbane, each and every time. Call or email us for a free quote today!

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