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Roof Replacement Ipswich

A while ago, a lovely family contacted us at Ozroofworks. They wanted their roof and gutters replaced since they were showing signs of water damage and general wear and tear. Always ready for action, we eagerly headed to get the work done.

After removing their old and damaged roof, it was time for Colorbond roof installation; we decided to replace the old roof with a .42 corrugated steel roofing in the Colorbond colour Cottage Green.

Colorbond Roof Replacement Ipswich

Colorbond Steel is one of the top materials when it comes to roofing; it is versatile and strong, and its appeal is timeless. It can be used on both traditional and contemporary architecture. Another advantage is the practicality; besides being adaptable, it is easy to handle and install.

Moreover, its long length and a wide range of thickness make it perfect for numerous applications. Made from high tensile steel, it is durable and weather-resistant. The risk of roof leakage is also low due to its non-syphoning side lap which reduces the risk of moisture transfer between sheets.

Corrugated steel roofing comes with a number of customised options. You can order the exact size you need to avoid any waste. Also, numerous pre-painted options are at your disposal.

Colorbond Cottage Green

The Cottage Green turned out to be a perfect combination with the steel roof. One of the Colorbond classic choices, Cottage Green, is a deep, rich green which merges traditional style and modern design. Inspired by traditional buildings from the past and the countryside, this calming shade of green is associated with peace.

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