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Feb 15
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Zincalume Steel
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Another successful Metal Roofing Brisbane project

Our roofing team at OzRoofWorks has another victory under the belt! We have completed another Roofing Project. We were engaged by Trueform Builders to execute yet another roof installation, this time using enduring Zincalume corrugated steel.

When in need of a strong corrosion-resistant material, look no further than Zincalume corrugated steel. It will keep your Home dry and protected in the humid and salt-ridden air.

The roofing contractors here at OzRoofWorks always strive to deliver the perfect product with the perfect material.

Why choose Zincalume Corrugated Steel

If you ask roofing contractors, any one of them will tell you that sustainability is the first thing to look for in a roof. The durability and resilience of the material used in the roof installation will provide security. Not to mention, the peace of mind for decades to come.

That is why, in this particular roof installation, we used Zincalume Corrugated Steel.

  • Zincalume Corrugated Steel has a revolutionary resilient protective coating that will prolong your roof’s lifespan.
  • It offers two to four times greater corrosion resistance than the regular, galvanized steel.
  • The protective coating reduces the amount of scratching and scuffing during the installation.
  • Corrugated sheeting is not only functional but also appealing to the eye. Moreover, it can easily fit into any exterior design vision you might have.
  • It is also lightweight and relatively easy to install.
  • Furthermore, Zincalume Corrugated Steel has a smaller environmental footprint.

Residential Metal Roofing Brisbane

The motto of our family-run company is “Small enough to care, big enough to deliver.” Our top priority is to execute a perfect roofing installation on your home or business and protect your family as we would our own.

If you need a durable, reliable roof, look no further. Zincalume Corrugated Steel installed by the OzRoofWorks roofing contractors is a safe bet. We will provide you with the finest, cost-effective service.

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