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Roofing Brisbane Southside

Roofing Balmoral

Not long ago, we performed a roof replacement in the beautiful Southside suburb of
Balmoral, Queensland. We had been hired to restore a lavish property, and the job was very
demanding, which didn’t bother us. On the contrary, it was our pleasure to do something
more difficult than usual – it was a chance for us to show off our skills.

Roofing Southside

For the roof, we decided on the corrugated Colorbond roof in the colour of Shale Grey; it’s
hard to go wrong with it, in fact, Colorbond steel has been tried and tested in various
Australian conditions. It is a strong, secure, durable, and energy-smart choice. Apart from
being the best possible option in terms of quality, this steel roof will make every home or
building look its best. Moreover, there are 22 colours available – enough for even the pickiest

Our clients chose Colorbond Shale Grey – a contemporary shade which reminds us of pale
grey pebbles and the grey mist on a surf beach, actually this silver grey is a common choice
because of its ability to complement various architectural styles.

Gutter Replacement

Next on our list was the gutter replacement. We replaced the old gutters with 150mm high
front quad guttering in the same colour as the roof. This gutter is a traditional choice which
provides a modern look for every home. Its appearance is smooth and aesthetically
pleasing, making it a perfect choice for most of our clients.

Apart from looking good, this large gutter ensures the catchment of more water from the roof
area, which makes it ideal for stormy weather. Finally, it is made of high-quality steel, which
makes it durable and strong.

Metal Roofing Brisbane

Searching for metal roofing contractors or a roofing company in Brisbane shouldn’t be a difficult task.
With over 40 years of experience, we are one of the most prominent businesses of its kind in the area.
Our roofing and guttering services are the best there is – quality is our number one priority.
Our family-owned business is licensed and insured; on top of that, we provide a 30-year product
warranty as well as a 10-year workmanship warranty. What’s more, here at Northside roofing, we can
provide you with a free quote. Feel free to use our website for more information.

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